Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Postscript

Here we are at the end of the Easter weekend, so I thought I would let you know how it all went.

1. Preparing for Easter
We spent the last 2 weeks reading the accounts in Matthew leading up to Jesus' death and resurrection. I had prepared some material to do, which I was reasonably happy with, but still plan to work on it more for next year. The children drew a picture for each day to illustrate the story.

Here are a few: The Triumphal Entry

Jesus prays in the garden

Jesus was buried & Jesus is alive

2. The Passover Meal

We decided to do an extremely edited version of a meal, combining some elements of the Passover from Exodus and some of what Jesus did with his disciples. You can see what we did exactly, in the Easter Series #2 post.

We started washing the children's feet, as you can see from the photos, they loved it - thought they idea of Mum and Dad serving them by washing their feet was great.

Then we shared a meal of lamb, flat bread & grape juice, and talked about the exodus and also how Jesus shared this meal with his disciples. It worked really well and I'm glad we tried it.

3. Hot Cross Buns

After thinking for a while about ways to connect with our neighbours, we realised that the delivery of fresh hot cross buns might be the way to go. So, armed with packages of freshly baked buns, I visited 6 surrounding houses in the days leading up to Easter. I only managed to actually get 3 lots of people at home, but I met one set of neighbours for the first time (how shocking, we have been here for 4 years!) and had a lovely chat with her. It was also a chance to visit again the elderly neighbours we have on both sides. Maybe we will try to follow up with gingerbread at Christmas time.

4. Memory Verse
After reading another blog, I thought we would try a memory verse also (same verse too I think!). After opening the egg each day with our bible readings, we then added another part of the verse. I am happy to report that M now knows the verse off by heart.

5. Jesus is alive cake
Also, following in the tradition of many others I know, we also did a 'Jesus is alive' cake today, Easter Sunday. With a cracked open chocolate egg on top, it did help to illustrate that the tomb was empty, because Jesus is alive.
Sadly I forgot to take a photo, I am disappointed because it looked quite good!
I am really pleased we put a bit more effort into Easter to make it a time of teaching as well as fun for the kids. I stopped to appreciate Eater much more this year and I'm sure this is why. Also, because we did all of these things, even the children hardly mentioned the Easter bunny and had no expectation of receiving masses of chocolate. These key times in the Christian calendar are a wonderful chance to teach the truths of God, but also to create family traditions, which hopefully will also create great memories.

I hope you also had a Easter centred on Christ for Christ is risen. He is risen indeed!


Philippa said...

Looks like it went really well! Love the pictures your children have drawn. Would you be willing to share your egg passages and ideas? I have bought my plastic eggs ready for next year. Hoping that using some of your ideas, next Easter wont descend into the chocolate egg counting exercise that this year became : (

Wendy said...


More than happy to share. However, there are some parts of it that I will work on more in the hope of improving it for next year. A number of women in our bible study groups here used it this year and I will try to get comments from them as well. Remind me closer to Easter next year. I've got one for Christmas too (a biblical theology, sweep of the bible & how it points to Jesus) and will do a 2nd one in time for Christmas this year (from the gospel accounts only).

Presumably you are the Philippa I know who lives in Tas with 3 girls??


Philippa said...

Yes that is me : )
Definitely interested in your Christmas ideas as well.