Friday, May 22, 2009

The passage of time

We have reached a few new stages here - all on the same night.

Firstly, we have officially left baby-land. We have packed up the cot and change table and passed them on to a new home. As we were packing it up, I suddenly realised - it's the end of an era. For more than 6 years that cot has been in our house, and has enabled all 3 children to sleep. We loved the cot and each child has also loved it. It was a generous present from their grandparents (the other generous present from the other grandparents - the pram - went a few months ago).

So, perhaps you will indulge me in following a photographic journey of the cot:

Mr 6 days.

Mr 23 months

Miss 6 days
(note - NOT in our cot, but a borrowed one, because Mr 2 loved his so much we had not managed to move him yet!)

Miss 4 months (in the cot!)

Miss 12 months (with characteristic finger sucking already well-established!)

Miss 2 weeks old

Miss 2 helping to pack it up.

I presume I am not the only mother who likes to take photos of their children asleep?!


And, on the very same night - Mr 6 lost his first tooth! What stage does that enter us into? Gap-tooth land? Anyway - it seemed momentous at the time!

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Sally said...

I love photos of sleeping children! Precious!