Thursday, October 1, 2009

Operation Christmas Child

I was encouraged into action by a friend in Sydney who posted Facebook photos showing how she organised her family with 5 children to pack up boxes for Operation Christmas Child, organised through Samaritan's Purse.

We did it a few years ago, but have not been organised enough in the last few years. However, we got organised this year! I have been saving shoe-boxes for the year, so we had them easily on hand.

We went shopping for a variety of presents. They give helpful guidelines on the website - something to love, something to wear, something for school, something for personal hygiene, etc.

We wrapped up the boxes with Christmas paper.

And packed them up ready to go.

It's a great way to help teach children to be generous. Each time we went shopping for the presents, I would explain that they were for children their age who did not get other Christmas presents, because their families could not afford them.

It was good for them to pick out things that they would really like to have, and then realise again that they were for someone else.

If you are interested in doing it, go to the website and remember - the boxes have to be dropped off by the end of October (there is a number on the site to call to find locations).

It does make Christmas seem a little closer!!


Philippa said...

Well Done! I was inspired as well but the school holidays were a bit of a disaster so it didn't happen. Hope to do it next year.
Speaking of Christmas, any plans to write about advent calenders again this year? I hope so as I like your ideas!

Wendy said...


Funny you should ask Philippa - that's my goal for October - get the two advent calendars written up and edited properly. This year I am going to have two options:
1. From Genesis to Jesus (like biblical theology) - which was the one we did last year, and a new one,
2. The Birth of Jesus (story from gospels)

I'll let you know when they are done!