Thursday, November 5, 2009


Two weekends ago I headed over to Sydney for another conference. This was the second for me this year. This one was the AFES wives conference, so it's for all wives of AFES staff and all wives who are AFES staff around the country. AFES is the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students - they are the organisation that put Christian workers on university campuses around Australia.

It was great. I was a little hesitant about going, being the only one there from Adelaide or SA, but once I got over my initial shyness, it was really good.

I found it incredibly encouraging to realise how many people are employed to bring the gospel to university students all over the country and to also realise that there was much more of a 'network' than I had realised. We had a session at one point in which we all shared some of the joys and challenges of being AFES staff/wives. It was so encouraging to hear how many staff love their jobs and opportunities they have to share about Jesus with university students.

On the Saturday in free time, some of us ventured on a bushwalk. We were staying at Stanwell Tops and decided to walk down the cliff to the beach. As none of us were from Sydney (at least anymore) we were going on someone's impression that 30 years ago there was a path down to the beach. There was no path (at least not one we found), so what followed was a bushbash down a very steep slope. It was very scenic, although not quite what we had expected! We scrambled over many rocks...

had to balance (beetle walk style) over a large log...

We reached civilization about 1.5 hours later, getting to the railway line. At that point we realized that we had only made it about half way to the beach!

The final straw for most was then discovering leeches in shoes and attached to legs. Thankfully, they avoided me!

It was rather a bonding experience for the 8 of us, as we shared nurofen for sore muscles that night and compared whether our quads or arms were sorer the next day!

I am so glad Husband encouraged me to go. I am looking forward to doing it all again in 2 years (perhaps minus the bushwalk!), and I plan to encourage the other Adelaide wives to join me!

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