Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Australia Day

How did you celebrate Australia Day?

We went to a lovely lunch for internationals currently in Australia. We have a staff worker who does a fantastic job getting internationals involved and using the public holidays of Australia and other nations to get groups together.

So, we combined with other people from China, Malaysia, Singapore, India and Vietnam (there were probably more...) for a lunch and celebration of all things Australian (and international - I preferred the curries and spicy prawns to the BBQ sausages!)

They are always lovely with the children, and they lap up the attention.

Mr Australia explained the history of Australia Day and also shared about the plans for our next church plant in the north-east, inviting people along.

Husband gave a brief talk about how good Australia is, but really heaven will be so much better - so make sure you are also a citizen of heaven.

Lots of fun.

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