Monday, April 5, 2010


Another Easter has passed us by. Here are some of the ways we celebrated this year.

1. We continued with our bible reading plan for the 14 days leading up to Easter. This year I managed to get hold of some larger eggs and we opened one each day to find something inside related to the Easter story.

We stuck a key verse and the item on the wall each day to see the events unfold.

2. We also did a memory verse each day. We stuck with the same one as last year, Romans 5:8:
But here is how God has shown his love for us. While we were still sinners Christ died for us.

3. On Thursday night, we washed the kids' feet and celebrated a very simplified Passover/ Last Supper.

4. On Good Friday we went to church and then joined the International Ministry for a picnic lunch and bushwalk. Actually we just had the lunch and waved them off on the bushwalk. A number of the internationals that came had never been to church before the service that morning. There were about 80 people there - very exciting.

5. One of the CDs we have enjoyed listening to this year is A Very Veggie Easter, a Veggie Tales Production. We bought this one last year and really like it. It's has equal measure of fun and silliness, and seriousness about Easter - the kids love it and even G & I find the songs pretty catchy.

6. Easter Sunday we were back to church to celebrate that Christ is risen. We also had a little egg hunt this year because the kids have grasped that "an empty egg, an empty tomb - they both remind us of good news" (thanks to Veggie Tales!)

It was a low key Easter this year, but one that we all enjoyed and one that focused on Jesus - and that's the main thing!

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