Friday, July 23, 2010

Sleep, glorious sleep

Change #4

I came to a sudden realisation about 2 months ago - we are all sleeping!

We all sleep through the night and we all sleep in to a reasonable hour in the morning (after 6:30am).

This has not occurred since 2003, but now it seems we are finally there.

Those of you who are also parents of young children may either be rejoicing with me, because you know what I am talking about; or grinding your teeth in annoyance and perhaps a little envious, because you also know what I am talking about.

People used to say "you will sleep again - one day". I struggled to wonder when that would be. And all of a sudden, we are here too - the land of unbroken (mostly) sleep, a regular 7-8 hours overnight, and a slow wakeup in the morning to little happy voices playing out the back, rather than crying or screaming.

Ah, sleep - I missed you - it's so nice to have you back.

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