Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fun Run

Some may recall that I have started running this year.

A dear friend in Sydney and I decided to commit ourselves to the City to Bay 6km run, which was on Sunday.

It was only part of what turned out to be a lovely weekend. She came for one night (having left a husband at home with 4 kids). She spend some lovely time with our kids especially A (her goddaughter). We went out for dinner on the Saturday night for a proper catch-up, and then headed off on Sunday morning to do the run.

My goal was to run it non-stop and to do it in under 40mins. I met one goal. Sadly I had to slow to walking a few times, but still managed to finish with an official time of 38:18. I was very pleased. My friend steamed ahead finishing in 34mins.

I don't think I'm going to become a serious 'fun-runner', however I did realise a few things:
  • It's hard running with lots of people around - quite hard to get your rhythm
  • I found running in one direction (not a loop) much harder, there was no sense of getting halfway and heading home again.
  • It's a fun atmosphere to be a part of
  • There is much more sense of achievement when it's part of a major event, rather than you just going out for the same run on your own
  • Every fun-run I can find is on a Sunday (grrrr...) so it's very hard to commit to more than one event a year and justify missing church for it (in my mind anyway). However the Mother's Day Classic is timed well and I could still make both...

The triumphant pair...


Wendy said...

Congratulations! Though I did some running as a teenager, I never really enjoyed the longer versions of the sport. It takes a lot of stickability. Well done!

Jenny said...

I am very impressed Wendy. Maybe I'll make that my goal for next year. Well done.