Monday, September 20, 2010

Mother hen

We have decided to branch into a different type of parenting and I am now officially a mother-hen, carer to 3 chickens. I have been watching friends in Adelaide over the last 6.5 years with some envy as so many people here have chooks (compared to the zero I knew in Sydney!)

It a taken a while to get clearance for such an endeavour, but we are now away. We (mainly Husband) assembled the pen (very generously loaned by friends), and then got the chickens last week. I am still experimenting with what they eat, where they like to sleep and where & when they might consider laying, however so far so good.

The kids were allowed to name one each - so now we have Spotty, Barbie and Whitey. At the moment no-one can tell Barbie and Whitey apart, but we are trying to find a 'spot the difference' that works.

What I found interesting is that I immediately started calling them 'my girls'. Disturbing somewhat as I already have 2 girls who are 'my girls'. So having resisted the urge to have 2 sets of girls which would be confusing for all, we are calling them "chook, chook, chookies" when we feed them, which may mean eventually they will come to such a call - time will tell!

I am excited to report that the first egg arrived yesterday. I was very excited to find it - nowhere near the nesting box mind you, but who cares!

Free-range eggs, here we come.

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