Monday, September 27, 2010

Operation Christmas Child

Just like last year, we have decided to contribute boxes to the Operation Christmas Child appeal, run by Samaritan's Purse. What has been great is that our women's bible study groups have got behind it this year, helpfully encouraged by one of our members who volunteers at the processing warehouse every October and November. She has given us great direction as how to pack boxes and as a result I found it even easier this year.*

As usual we did all the shopping over a couple of weeks and had the boxes saved from shoe purchases over the year.

The best tip I got this year was to cover the boxes with contact after covering with wrapping paper, it makes them sturdy, the paper no longer rips, you can contact the label on top so it doesn't get lost & it looks really good.

The other thing I never really understood was why you have to remove all the packaging off everything, but as our volunteer pointed out, a) it takes up precious space in the box and b) there is no rubbish collection in rural Cambodian villages so plastic packaging floating around just makes more mess. So it's worth popping in a fold up bag of some type so the child can store all the things in their box once they open it.

If you are interested in supporting Operation Christmas Child, go to their website to find out the details. Consider getting on board:
  • it teaches generosity to your children (and to you!)
  • it's fun shopping for kids who you know have very little (much more fun than shopping for kids with everything)
  • if you like Christmas, it makes it feel that little bit closer
  • if you don't like Christmas, you at least help a child like it!
You have until the end of October to get boxes packed and delivered to a collection point.

*If you would like a copy of my friend's suggestion list, send me an email and I'll send you back a copy.


Caroline said...

I was wondering about the packaging too - and especially how it applied to packets of coloured pencils! (Perhaps I should get a pencil case to put them in.)

Wendy said...

That's what I did in the end Caroline, got a pencil case for each box and put all those stationary type things in that. Then I was happier about taking ALL the packaging away!