Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The wives go away

Last weekend was one of the highlights of my year. Every year a group of women go away for 2 nights and 3 very full days. Who are we? How are we united?

We are all women, we are all wives, we are all Christians and we are all married to full-time preaching staff at our church. We are the 'Preachers Wives'. And once a year, we leave our husbands and families behind and head out of town for a time of refreshment, encouragement and fun.

After almost 7 years here, this group has become my main support network. I look forward to our fortnightly times of prayer, and I really look forward to our times away. I have said some of this before, but I'll update it for this year.

We are a diverse bunch. We currently number 12 women and are spread over 10 congregations at 5 locations. We age from 20s to 50s, for those with children they range from babies to adults. We serve in different ways: some teach publicly, some lead bible studies, some lead singing or play music, some encourage other women and meet with them privately, some lead children's ministries, some have wonderful hospitality. We look after our households in different ways: some work, others do not; some love to cook, others prefer take-away; some love craft, others can't stand it. But all of us love our husbands, love our ministries and are united by the gospel.

This year we spent time looking at 1 Timothy 3 and thinking about the characteristics of leaders and their wives. It was encouraging and challenging, and it was great to discuss it together.

We also ate lots of good food, chatted, watched DVDs, slept in, went for walks/runs and watched the rain pour down. It was great.

I thank God for these women.*

The Preachers Wives (minus 1)

* And I also thank God for all the husbands who manage the households for 3 days to enable us to go away!

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Meredith said...

Hi Wendy,
I love the way how in one swift paragraph you completely debunk the stereotype of the minister's wife, right down to the craft! Praising God for the diversity of women you get to enjoy...and praising God that you did enjoy their company over the weekend.