Tuesday, November 30, 2010

End of year - cards and presents

When you have children at school, pre-school, daycare, and children's programs at church, you get to the end of the year and realise - there are a lot of people to thank!

Here are some ideas for thank you cards, with varying levels of complexity!

1. A TEAR gift card. Place an online order and you'll have the cards in a few days. Lots of other organisations are doing this now too - Compassion, CMS, etc. We just chose TEAR in the past and have stuck with them, for I felt they were appropriate to give to both Christians and non-Christians. I always buy the kids' school teachers a gift of 'primary schooling' - so they can be encouraged that other children are being supported to learn. For other teachers and helpers, they often get a 'school supplies card'. (Husband and I now also get each other a TEAR gift for Christmas - usually a goat or a toilet depending on our humour levels that year!)

2. A hand made card - once the kids are at school, it's better for them to write their own cards anyway. Last year we did paint handprints. Sometimes we attached a little Christmas decoration too.

This year we have traced cookie cutters and coloured them in. We write the message on the other side, laminate it, stick a ribbon through a punched hole - and voila - nice card, which one could hang on a tree, if one so desired.

3. Baked goods. For us, this accompanies a card to say a special thank you. I usually do a simple cookie recipe which you can make heaps of, wrap them in a cellophane bag with a ribbon, and it looks really nice. In the past it has been gingerbread. This year I cannot bear the thought of rolling that much dough, so a simpler jam drop or biscuit is the plan!

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