Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter wrap-up

We had a lovely Easter. It was a treat to have it in the middle of the school holidays this year, so we didn't all arrive at Maundy Thursday exhausted on the last day of term. Also, we had family staying for part of it, which made it really enjoyable.

We did our Easter readings and eggs, mainly so Miss 3.5 had something to look forward to opening each day. We stuck each reading and item on the wall, which helped to remind us of the Easter story over the 2 weeks leading up to Easter.

Mr 8 and Miss 6 also did the XTB Easter Unscrambled by the Good Book Company. It was fantastic. Miss 6 particularly loved working through this book. She's watched Mr 8 do XTB books for the last 2 years and has been asking when she can start. It seemed the right time and it really was - each night we sat down and worked through it together, it only took 5-10mins, but she really learnt a lot and felt like a 'big girl', and I really enjoyed having that time with her. We'll start her on Book 1 very soon.

For Maundy Thursday, we had our simple meal with foot washing, soft tacos (flat bread) and grape juice (more details here).

Church on Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Easter egg hunt on Easter Sunday morning. We also smashed open a large hollow egg because 'an empty egg and an empty tomb both remind us of good news'.

It was a lovely time this year, followed by 2 public holidays which we were able to spend together just the five of us.

Jesus is risen. He is risen indeed!

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