Thursday, May 12, 2011

Another fun run

I have managed to continue running this year, especially as the weather is now much cooler. So, I ventured out for another fun run.

The Mother's Day Classic was last Sunday (unsurprisingly!). This time I went on my own and ran solo. I enjoyed it just as much.

This one is a lot more poignant than the City-Bay run. I felt humbled for 2 reasons:

1. It supports breast cancer research and many run in it to fundraise or to remember victims and survivors of cancer. Many participants had signs on their backs stating who they were running for: Mum, Nanna, Aunty June, etc. It was quite confronting to turn up to a sea of pink and realise how many people were wearing such signs. To date our family has been remarkably unaffected by cancer, but I know it is very likely to change one day.

2. It is good for my pride to realise that there are many people a lot fitter than me. I had been rather pleased with myself leading up to the event, that I could now run 8kms non-stop. A little pride was creeping in there. Running in a fun-run is a great leveler. I was overtaken by kids, older people, men pushing prams, etc. In the end I placed round the 2/3 mark of the field. I was happy with my achievement, but was helped to realise it wasn't that amazing.

Anyway, it was a great morning, and as our church is in the city, I even made in back for 10am on time.

* For those that like stats, I ran the 7.5kms in 50.10 mins, and am happy to report that I didn't stop this time!


Meredith said...

Well done! Good running Wendy.

Anonymous said...

Well done! Good running Wendy.