Monday, May 16, 2011

Church camp

This last weekend was our 7pm church camp. It is a great time, and really the only time in the year where the kids and I get to spend any time with the 7pm-ers that Husband ministers to.

We have been to this camp every year in the last 8, which again makes me realise how things have changed. Our first camp we just had Mr 1 with us, still a baby. We have had camps with newborns, screaming babies, hungry and tired toddlers and grumpy kids. We have taken travel cots, high chairs, prams and nappies.

Now, however we just pack our clothes and go. It's so easy. And now that the campsite has begun supplying linen for our accommodation I no longer arrive to make 4 beds & return home with loads of washing - fantastic!

But the highlight is seeing all the 7pm-ers - mainly young adults - continuing to persist in the faith, grow in godliness and love, and seeking to serve others.

For me, the other highlight is seeing how much the kids love it. Many of these young men and women teach them at Sunday School, and our children love them. One of the great privileges of having kids in ministry is seeing how many people care for and are interested in your children, and how many young people they can look up to as they grow in the faith. We are very blessed. And while our children do not know that life could be any different - I hope that one day they will realise what a true blessing it was to grow up in this environment. I am certainly very thankful for it.

One of the many 7pm-ers who played with Miss 3 (Miss 6 is hiding behind too)

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