Monday, May 23, 2011

Wives away

Last weekend was that special time of the year when the preachers wives of our church go away together. I have talked about it previously in 2009 and 2010. This was another year at the same location, with almost the same schedule. We start with cheap beauty treatments at the TAFE, move on to lunch as we make our way down the coast and arrive at our destination at Victor Harbor. Then 2 nights of great company, good food and the encouragement of being surrounded by those who are like-minded in the gospel.

We always have some input or teaching time and this year we listened to last year's CV talks by David Cook from the Psalms. They were encouraging and challenging at the same time. We also spend a lot of time in prayer for each other. This year we were rather specific, thinking of something to thank God for over the last 12 months and something to pray for for the coming 12 months in the following categories:
  • Personal godliness
  • In supporting our spouse
  • In loving/training our children
  • In other ministries
  • In evangelism and prayer for a specific person or group of people who are not yet Christians
It was so encouraging to hear how people are growing in their faith and dependence upon God, yet still aware of areas of necessary growth and improvement. It is now so helpful to know how to pray specifically for each of these women and their families for the next 12 months.

Perhaps you are in a Christian small group or support network and could use these same prayer ideas in some way?

Our group (minus 1)

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