Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I was in Sydney over the weekend for the Sydney Diocese Ministry Wives conference. This is my 'booster in the arm' every 2 years. We are taught from God's word and consider life from a ministry wife perspective. The teaching was fantastic, the speakers were excellent and the seminars very encouraging - I went to one on 'respecting your husband' and another on 'staying fresh in ministry'. There was a panel of grownup minister's kids, talking about what it was like growing up as a minister or missionary kid. There was also a great session on 'growing great teams'.

For me, a real attraction to the weekend is the chance to catch up with friends - a huge number of our friends (especially those in Sydney) are in ministry so this is my chance to see how everyone is going in the ministries God has placed them. It's a very encouraging time, but I also found it emotionally exhausting.

I have come back to Adelaide and am thrilled to be here, thankful for the ministry Husband is involved in, extremely thankful for the team we work with, and very thankful to God for all of it.

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