Monday, August 1, 2011

The conveyor belt

The conveyor belt has started again.

Our youngest has started kindy today, which means in just over a year she'll be starting school. I have always felt that it's like a conveyor belt at this stage. They start pre-entry (one afternoon), then next term it's proper kindy (2 days), then a year later it's school and before you know it, it's all happened again. But for us, this is the last time it's happening.

She was very excited, but I thought she might not be so keen once she got there. She can be slightly more hesitant than the other two. However, she confidently walked in ahead of me, carrying her own bag, said hello to the teachers, looked around, announced she was going to play on the equipment and then told me I could leave! I was probably there for 4 minutes. Sometimes, I wish they were a little less independent, just a little...

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