Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The show did not go on

As part of last week's trip to Sydney, there was also some lovely time with my family. One of the treats that mum, my sister and I had planned was to see Mary Poppins on stage. We had dinner out, went to the theatre, sat down and enjoyed the show - for 30 mins until one of the very impressive sets got stuck on stage. The curtains closed, we sat for 30 minutes while they tried to fix it. It started again - for 5 minutes, the house got stuck again, the curtains closed. We had an early interval. Sat down again and... they announced the show could not go on and was cancelled for the night! It was a shame, but no problem - they refunded everyone's money and one could rebook - if one actually lived in Sydney and didn't just happen to be there from interstate.

It made us think: of all the shows we have seen over the years, if you count the shows I have seen (which are a few) but nothing compared to the ballet, opera and theatre my parents and sister have seen - none of us ever recall a show stopping and not going on. Mum has seen ballet dancers pull muscles and slide offstage, costumes fall apart, etc, but the show always went on. Sadly, it didn't last Thursday night.

Also it really wasn't handled very well. It was just an announcement over the intercom, very matter-of-fact "Sorry the show has been cancelled for tonight". It would have been so much better if Mary or another cast member came out, and explained what had happened, apologised and said "thanks for coming". I would even have been happy to clap the cast for the amount of show that we saw, it wasn't their fault something went wrong.

Ah well, it was a fun night anyway and we walked away with a good story.

Two silly sisters expressing their dismay

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