Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wish I didn't say that...

Yesterday I said something I later regretted on Facebook. I was trying to be pointed and a little humorous, and while it was relatively inoffensive, it wasn't kind or generous.

What's amazing is how God works his timing out so perfectly to teach us these things.

I posted the comment and headed out for some exercise. I am currently listening to The Next Story by Tim Challies. The chapter I listened to talked about how easy it is to be destructive with words in the digital age, we just throw them out there without thinking about the consequences.

I came home and repented, but really, the damage was done and my heart was exposed.

Today, Tim Challies posted an excellent reflection: A Holy Moment about regrets he has had about commenting on others online, and the risks that this digital world presents when we forget the people we talk about are real people.

That is my risk with digital communication - it's so easy to just send an email or post a comment without interacting with the person at all. It's all my communication on my terms. No sense of how they might receive it, how they might feel upon reading it or how it could be read wrongly.

That's what I need to continue to work on - grace and generosity in an online world.


If you are interested in thinking more about what life and faith look like in this digital age, I highly recommend you get a copy of The Next Story. In the next few weeks I will be doing a little series working through some of Challies' ideas. I have found it incredibly helpful and challenging so far and look forward to listening to the rest.

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