Monday, September 12, 2011

Living in SA

Readers of this blog will know that I love living in Adelaide and am very thankful we are here. 

Just sometimes though, we are reminded of the differences between here and Sydney. 

Like when someone (yet again) happens to mention that South Australia was settled by free settlers.  Implication: "no convict scum here". 

It's hit home for Mr 8 of late too.  A number of people might know that there is a Rugby World Cup on at the moment.  However in Adelaide it's not big news, or even any news.

He is very excited about the Rugby World Cup, just as excited as he was about the Soccer World Cup last year.   However, none of his friends even know what rugby union is.  This is definitely an AFL town.

He took his rugby ball to school each day last week, hoping to convince people to play with him.

However, he has now admitted defeat.  He still takes the rugby ball, but they play AFL with it!

Husband & I have realised the kids are well on their way to being little South Australians though.  They sing the national anthem "Advance" (advahnce) Australia Fair,  not "Advance" (advanse - both a's the same sound) as we do.  That's what they have learnt in school assembly.

Even we have given up and now call them commands (commahnds), and commandments (commahndments).   However, we draw the line - there are no plahnts and grahphs in this house!


arthurandtamie said...

I remember the same struggles Wendy! Our family took ages to come around on the Adelaide 'a' sound but we finally did, so now, living in Melbourne where it sounds like Sydney, I find myself totally confused!


Camilla said...

Rugby interest in this house Wendy; (unsurprising that I guess)! Our youngest played for a club this year even though he is not built for rugby. It's not as close as Burnside, but the Adelaide Uni Club, which train at Waite Oval at the bottom of Fullarton is a lovely friendly club. If he wants to get involved next year I can pass on more info. C

Wendy said...

I bet you do Tamie! I feel odd now in Sydney sometimes.

Camilla, thanks for the info. Not sure we would be encouraging him to play... but it's good to know! Thanks.

Camilla said...

Yes we weren't encouraging either(!) and I'm not sure he'll want to play again next year, but it was good for him to try it out. At a young age it's pretty safe and they're big on safety in the training.