Saturday, October 1, 2011

Miscellaneous Musings

There have been a number of things I have wanted to post about lately.

Instead of review them all in detail, I thought I'd just mention a few, and those who are interested can follow them up themselves. 

1.  Australian women now to serve in combat roles.  Greg Sheridan wrote a great piece for The Australian yesterday: 
Here we come to one of the most bitter arguments postmodern orthodoxy has with human nature: its idea that there is absolutely no spiritual or moral difference between men and women. It's like the scene in Life of Brian where one of the men demands his civic right to give birth to a baby.

This is a kind of war on all tradition and all accumulated wisdom, that while everyone accepts that men and women are equal, we must also now accept the manifest nonsense that they are exactly the same.
A thoughtful article that highlights a number of issues with the decision.

2.  More floods in Pakistan.  For the second time in 12 months, Pakistan has been inundated by flooding.  Yet again the western media has been pretty silent.   The first flood was brought to our church community's attention by the team at 1toanother last year.

For those who process with images, this collection Too much of a basic human need will probably break your heart and cause you to give great thanks for your shelter and dry land.

Also shows that the trip down to our local river yesterday to see it after rainfall really was a triviality.

3.  On a somewhat lighter note, Husband & I went to the movies this week and saw One Day.  Emma and Dexter spend the day (July 15, 1988) together after their graduation.  We see the next 20+ years unfold just through that one day each year: how their friendship develops, jobs and partners come and go, and what happens between them.

It was lovely, engaging and sad.

I was quite sad afterward because (spoiler alert!) it made me realise that the largest grief Husband or I will probably experience is one that one of us will have to go through without the other.  Sobering thought for the afternoon it was.

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