Thursday, October 6, 2011

What a treat!

Husband came home with a treat for the kids yesterday.

Chocolate? No.  

Ice-cream?  No. 

Lollies?  No.

Bananas?  Yes!

We have not bought or eaten bananas for 10 months, since the cyclones in Queensland destroyed the banana crops (and many livelihoods) and the price of bananas skyrocketed.

So, a special treat indeed!

Three happy banana eaters.  

Miss 4 had forgotten how to peel them, it's been so long!


Wendy said...

When we had visitors from Qld in June, they were so happy to see that we had bananas. We can buy about four for 100yen or $AU1.30. So cheap compared to what you've had.

Wendy said...

I know Wendy! We are looking forward to the prices dropping again this summer.

Rita said...

Funny thing when bananas are more precious than chocolate! Hoping prices come down before Ella (8 weeks) starts solids!