Wednesday, November 2, 2011

DIY school photos

Would you like a license to print money? Become a school photographer. Now I admit, some parts of the job would be hard, but there is no way it costs anywhere near what we pay for it, especially in this age of digital photography.

In protest this year, we opted to only get the class photos. For the individual and sibling photos I took them myself before we went to school on photo day - added bonus - everyone still looked neat!

I realise they are not brilliant, but they are easily as good as what we have gotten the past few years.

And we could even do one of the non-school girl.


Jo Bidwell said...

Good idea and great photos! Love seeing how children are a wonderful combination of their parents.

Fiona Cheng said...

Beautiful kids Wendy, even allowing for my bias for part Chinese children (and husbands!).

Wendy said...

Thanks Jo and Fiona. I totally agree with you too Fiona, I certainly have a bias to Eurasian kids now too!