Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Steps

Each year our church puts on an event called Christmas Steps.  It's designed for primary school kids and their families.  It is a massive undertaking with a team of ~100.  Church members bring the children in their extended families and many invite school friends to come along.  

The main part of the event is a tour.  Set in various locations around the church grounds, groups are given an insight into some part of the Christmas story.  Each section had a mini play and a song attached to it, with rewrites of songs spanning ABBA and The Pretenders.

Here are some of this year's tour highlights:
Our Roman centurion leading us to Bethlehem for the census

Mary arriving in Bethlehem

Joseph and his psychiatrist after he found out Mary was pregnant
The shepherds in the shearing shed

The angels singing "I love him" (think Sister Act) to the shepherds
The wise men (camping outside Jerusalem), singing up a storm
Mary and Joseph in the stable
A blog post like this really does not do justice to the inventiveness and skill of the people involved.  The tours were clever, accurate (to a point!) and entertained parents and children alike.

Of course, you want to be able to entertain people while they wait for their tour to start, so the rest of the site was set up a little like a funfair, with a Roman centurion theme.

There was:
Face painting
A petting zoo
Balloon animals
A nativity scene set up for kids to dress up in and have their photos taken. Proper copies of the photos were given out 20 mins later, with a bible verse printed on them.

Many craft activities: clay bowls, bracelets, decorations, angels - all decorated with bible verses about Jesus.

It is a wonderful event which is easy to invite other families to and it's all free!

Great work guys!

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