Tuesday, December 6, 2011

NTE & technology

NTE looms large in our lives this time of year.  NTE (National Training Event) is the annual major training conference for the Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students (AFES) - the Christian uni students on campuses across the country. 

NTE is a fantastic time of encouragement for students and we truly wish all Christian uni students would make it a priority to go.  There are great talks, excellent teaching times and wonderful fellowship with students from all over the country.  I never went to NTE as a uni student (being a bit too 'cool for school' to my later regret).  But I did go a few times as a bible college student to help run the strand groups on biblical theology and loved it.  

For the past 8 years I have watched from a distance as as AFES wife.  I have heard of different speakers and watched different teams go, and many years have longingly wished I could be there too.  I admit I have been somewhat ungracious that I was left to manage things at home alone.  

This year the AFES wives have banded together more than previously.  Since our conference in October, a Facebook group of AFES wives has formed.  Women are sharing prayer points and encouraging one another whether at the conference or at home with children.  They have shared the challenges of the two weeks solo this time of year and asked for help from each other.  Some people's challenges have put many of mine in perspective.

I have written and thought a lot about technology the past few months, and this has been a wonderful example of technology being used for good: encouragement and edification.  As many of you know I have problems with Facebook, but this little group is restoring some of my faith in its potential for good.


On a more frivolous note, those from SA might appreciate this years T-shirt design - I did.


Tamie said...

Love the T-shirts! We knew we'd crossed the border on our way over here when the road houses stopped advertising lattes and started advertising Farmer's Union!

Jenny said...

Pardon my NSW ignorance Wendy, but what's a Fruchoc? Can we have some interpretation please?!

Wendy said...

Jenny - Quoting from a chocolate blog post "deliciously moist, compact centres of real dried apricot and peach fruits covered in gourmet quality milk chocolate" - (http://www.chocablog.com/reviews/fruchocs/) By Robern Menz - http://www.robernmenz.com.au/index.php?option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=89

So basically a maltezer, but the centre is like soft dried fruit.

I don't fully understand the hype myself, but they do appear to be an Adelaide institution!

Karen said...

I'll get you some Fruchocs for Christmas Jenny! I'm not sure that you'll be too impressed but at least you'll be able to say you've tried them.

Love the t-shirt Wendy! Thanks for sharing.