Monday, March 12, 2012


Last weekend I had a wonderful trip away with a dear friend.  She lives in Queensland and if she drives for 2.5 hours and I fly for 2.5 hours we can meet at the Gold Coast - what a treat!

She organised our accommodation - right on the beach.

Having some free time in the mornings gave me the chance to head out for a run.  Imagine my joy / surprise to find a free 5km fun run at the path next to our apartment!  I entered on the spot and ran with about 90 other people in the pouring rain.  So much fun!  The rain was warm, so it was quite refreshing, considering how hot and humid it would have been otherwise.
We went to church and I think managed to see most of the Christians I know in Queensland at the one service - between us we knew people from bible college, AFES, old friends, an old church & a current church!  What a blessing the Christian community is - it was a joy to see them all.

We had lots of walks together, chats, DVDs & yummy food.    
We have been friends for 30 years, and close friends for almost 20 - what a blessing friendships are!
We have decided it might well need  to become an annual event.

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