Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter wrap-up

Having just finished a lovely Easter weekend, I thought I'd let you know what we did. 

The build up to Easter started two weeks ago with our Easter readings.  This year our 6 year-old daughter decided to draw a picture each day, which certainly brightened up the wall!

Maundy Thursday is fast becoming a tradition in our home.  We start by watching The Prince of Egypt DVD, which I have finally managed to get a copy of (thank you Fishpond!).  The children are now well used to me crying as God rescues his people and delivers them from slavery.  It's also a good way to finish the school term by relaxing with a DVD.

Then we move into washing the kid's feet, followed by a dinner of flat bread and meat and salad as our pretend Passover (soft tacos, made with beef mince - not exactly roast lamb - but hey, it's easy!)  Then some juice and bread as we remember Jesus' words to his disciples at the last supper.

Good Friday kicked off with hot cross buns for breakfast and a great service at church.  (The rest of the day was spent celebrating our son's 9th birthday!)

 My parents were here over the weekend and they taught the kids how to blow, dye and marble eggs - making a beautiful collection for the table for Easter Sunday.  I am definitely planning to add that to the repertoire in years to come.

Easter Sunday we celebrated with an Easter egg hunt and then at lunch we smashed open a large egg to show that "an empty egg, an empty tomb - both remind us of good news".

All in all, a lovely weekend.  Enough to remind us of Jesus' death and resurrection, but enough to be manageable.


Ruth Chapman said...

Hi Wendy, thank you so much for sharing your Easter "calendar" with us at Terrace Studies. I had the privilege of reading the last day to my grandchildren on Easter Sunday. They have now had the opportunity to hear the real Easter story, and where excited each day to open the egg and discover what was inside!
in love Ruth C

Wendy said...

You are very welcome Ruth - glad it was a good time with all the family! W xx