Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Fun in Melbourne

I just had the most wonderful weekend away.

A trip to Melbourne.  A sort of celebration of the end of the pre-school years.  I wandered around the city, took photos, caught up with an old friend and met Jean in person (from inallhonesty).  It was lovely.

However, it wasn't just a fun weekend away.

It was also the culmination of 12 months of hopes and 6 months of training for the Melbourne Half Marathon.

It was fantastic.  The day was perfect: clear, cold and sunny.  I had such a grin on my face as I walked to the start line I probably looked like the Cheshire cat.

Even the race itself was good, all 21.1 kms of it!   

The finish line was inside the MCG and as I ran in, through the stadium and around the ground, I will admit - there were a few tears of joy in my eyes.   I was absolutely thrilled with my time of 2:16:26. 

If you want to see a photo that really captures my emotion on finishing, try this link!

At the risk of repeating myself from previous posts - if you think you could never do this - read all my posts under the label 'running' and see how much my running has changed over 3 years. Believe me, if I can do it - so can you. 

And now, it's time to stop talking about me and get onto some other blogging!  Stay tuned, dear readers...


Rachael said...

Well done, Wendy!

Anonymous said...

Where's the LIKE button! Well done Wendy!
Caroline E

Sarah said...

Well done! That's a great achievement.

Anonymous said...

What a superb achievement Wendy. Well done! Lesley

Wendy said...

Thanks all!