Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Moving house

We moved in the last few months.*  We have not gone far and nothing has changed except the house (school, work, church all remain the same). Therefore it was a very easy move in that regard. All went well and we are now happily ensconced in our new home.

Yet for all the relative ease – it took almost every moment of time and every thought I had. Lots to organise, tradespeople to see, boxes to pack, belongings to sort out.

I found myself again and again pondering just how much we have. One night I was almost in tears trying to unpack the kitchen and found myself saying “we aren’t supposed to store up treasures on earth – and this isn’t treasure, it’s just more stuff!”

It’s another one of the balancing acts of life on earth when our home is in heaven. We are living on earth, and we need to have furniture, clothes, kitchen appliances to do so. Yet at the same time, we risk becoming awfully attached to them don’t we?

Just the process of moving again, and having to go through everything made me realise a few things:
  • We are incredibly blessed, particularly materially. We want for nothing.
  • I do feel uncomfortable about that. Why are we so blessed when others are not?
  • I need to remember to thank God for his generous provision to us.
  • I also need to remember to thank God for generous provision when things might not look so good

We are thankful for our new home. I wrote a prayer for us the night we moved in, you can see it here.

* which is somewhat ironic considering this post! (only written in February).


Unknown said...

Hi Wendy,

I hope you are enjoying your new home.

I can remember when we moved last year feeling almost a bit sick/horrified (hard to describe) that we had so much stuff. It certainly made me want to keep giving away and disposing of what we don't need.

However it is good to also be reminded to be thankful that we are so well provided for.


Wendy said...

Amellia - that was exactly how I felt - 'sick/horrified' sums it up very nicely. It did make me get rid of a lot and think about how to give it to people who need it more.

Still lots here though!