Monday, November 5, 2012

A lifted vision

I have just returned from a wonderful weekend away. I went to the AFES wives conference – the group of wives who are married to university student workers around the country (or who themselves are student workers). Over 50 women gathered from every state and territory to share life together, encourage one another, confess struggles and pain, and learn from God’s word.

Each time I attend this conference it lifts my vision. I forget much of the mundane of life.  I am reminded of the great privilege of student work, and the many people who serve God by doing so.

We heard talks on Philippians and were challenged to serve in gospel partnership with joy and to continue knowing Christ through all of our lives.

I went to two of possibly the best seminars I have ever attended (high praise indeed – can you see this conference brings out my superlatives?!)  One on evangelism and one on enriching your relationship with God. Both encouraging, challenging, highly practical and neither were remotely guilt-inducing.

And yet again, prayer group was a time of great fellowship, encouragement and prayer.

I thank God for these women, they are a great source of encouragement and joy to me. 


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