Monday, July 1, 2013

Status report: July

Recently enjoyed:  a time away on my own.  Just like last year, when I did the same thing - there was time to spend in God's word, time to read and time to embroider and watch DVDs.

Pondering: my rather empty diary.  Now that my talks are finished and some other things are done, I have a rather clear diary.  It is quite unusual.  I don't think it is a problem in any way, but still wondering where to effectively turn my energy and attention.

Running: again, after two months off.  Enjoying getting back into it and having the energy to do so.

Reading: Exodus, Psalm 86 and Mark.

Plotting:  the genealogies and main events of the Old Testament as I read it through.  Enjoying charting it all out myself.

Also reading: a science fiction novel by CS Lewis: This Hideous Strength, the Ranger's Apprentice series to see what my son loves about it (it's pretty good), and still working through the CS Lewis biography.

Listening: to John Piper biographies (very interesting) and a collection of all John Chapman's talks at Katoomba Conventions since 1979 (very good).

Very excited: that my best friend is engaged!  I will be a bridesmaid next year for the first time ever!

Had fun: catching up with old friends who came to visit last week.  More are coming later in the month, so good times of talking and encouragement are ahead too.

Mystified:  that when I opened my iGoogle page this week to catch up on my blog reading, my Google reader had disappeared.  I seem to have solved it with Feedly, but I did realise how out of touch I am - I had no idea it was shutting down!

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