Thursday, August 1, 2013

Status Report: August

Enjoyed: 2 weeks of visitors from overseas.  Lovely to see them and catch up.

Reading: Numbers, Psalm 106 and Luke.

Also reading:  Heading Home, Naomi Reed.  Pilgrim's Regress, C.S. Lewis

Preparing: for a busy term for my husband.  Many things happen on campus this term - MYC, Jesus Week.  It's exciting yet busy for all.

Eating: tonight is our easy dinner when dad is out.  Bacon & tomato pasta.  5 ingredients: bacon, onion, can of tomatoes, italian herbs, pasta.  A surprising favourite, loved by all.

Planning: for long service leave.  Must get organised soon on this one!  Only a few months to go...

Running: again.  Even managed a few 10 kms last month.  Very pleased.

Looking forward: to our daughter's 6 year old birthday party.  At a play cafe.  I just turn up, enjoy and pay.  Fantastic.

Feeling: like things are just continuing along as normal.  No major things to report.  All well and accounted for.  Very thankful.

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Rachelle said...

Thanks for these updates Wendy, it's good to hear what you're up to via your blog now that we don't see each other as regularly as we used to.