Monday, September 2, 2013

Status report: September

Commitments: for the year are drying up. It’s quite lovely. I have a rather free diary and time to do things I have been putting off for ages.

Planned: Long service leave. Accommodation booked in. 3 cheers!

Enjoying: dates with my children. I take each one out of school 1-2 times a term for 2 hours. We have lunch and talk. It’s great. This week it is middle child’s turn.

Seen a few movies: Now you see me - a heist movie with a magic theme. Very clever, well-filmed and lots of twists along the way. Highly recommended. Also saw RED 2. We enjoyed RED a few years ago (old ex CIA agents – Bruce Willis, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren) being attacked by new CIA agents because they are RED – Retired, Extremely Dangerous. Fun, silly shoot-‘em-up, not as good as RED, but still fun. The best line of the whole movie where one of them, trying to get into the Iranian Embassy gets in by saying “I want to defect to Iran”. It was funny at the time.

Been watching: The DVD series Chuck, we are up to Season 3.  Funny, clever and pokes fun at spy shows along the way. Saw an apt description which was: 24 meets Get Smart. Fun viewing for both husband and I.  Have also started The Newsroom, which requires a bit more thought, but is also good. We are watching a fair bit of TV at nights at the moment, having realised we both enjoy the downtime of a bit of TV together after the busyness of each day and before we talk about any big things.

Reading: the bible. Lots of other things too, some biographies, parenting books, etc. Will tell you about the good ones in due course.

Listening: to lots of sermons. Enjoying our church’s sermon series on Numbers – what a great book. Also catching up on husband’s MYC talks on Jesus, and his church preaching on Revelation – it’s taking some serious listening time! Enjoying it all.

Thrilled: it is spring. The weather is definitely warming up (at least this week, 30 is forecast!). After a very cold wet winter, it is lovely to feel the warmth.

Looking forward: to Show day on Friday. We have not been to the Adelaide show for about 4 years, but are planning to venture out on Friday. Yes, that’s right people – Adelaide school children get a day off school to go to the Show! The children have been introduced to the idea of showbags for the very first time, as well as the idea of having to pay for them themselves. Some detailed searching of the website has taken place and careful saving of pocket money. Bring on the baby animals and woodchopping!

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the movie suggestions. We haven't watched anything good for awhile.
Enjoy the weather this week. It is so lovely! Have fun at the Show.