Thursday, October 3, 2013

Status Report: October

Woke up this morning: and realised I had completely forgotten to do this status report on the 1st!

In the midst: of school holidays. Perhaps that is why!

My son: is off today to play chess with a group in town. He will ride in with his dad, enabling some father-son time on the way.

So the girls and I: are sorting through all the craft presents they have recently been given and we will have a sewing and painting day

The 6 year old: was very excited yesterday to join the ranks of ‘older kids’ with the loss of her first tooth!

Bible reading: have decided to try the Explore app. My reading through the bible was getting stale, something about doing the same thing every year… So have revamped with the Good Book Company’s Explore notes on the iPad. Not sure I am at all convinced about reading the bible on an e-reader, but it is convenient and more importantly, the notes are making me think more. So, good for now.

Reading: some Jeffrey Archer – how have I not discovered him before? Thanks dear husband. Also some kids’ books and some Christian ones, reviews coming soon.

Have enjoyed watching: my husband and son play music together, hopefully the first of many ‘jam ‘ sessions, although mum will always be only the observer (or perhaps backing vocals?!).

Looking forward: to the cousins coming to visit over the weekend. The kids will have a ball. And 10 in the house is always fun (in small doses!)

Very much looking forward to: the annual AFES wives conference this month.

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