Friday, November 1, 2013

Status Report: November

Very thankful for God’s amazing creation:  In the last 2 weeks I have soaked up the beach at Stanwell Park in Sydney and seen a koala on my bushwalk in Adelaide! 

Have decided: to deactivate my Facebook account for 3 months, starting today.  I think it will be a helpful exercise for me and ensure I am not even tempted to check it over the summer holidays.

Thrilled: the outdoor lap pool nearby is open again for the summer.  I love swimming laps.  So good for stretching out my dodgy shoulders!

Bible reading:  Still going with the Explore app and have moved on to the James notes.  Still continuing with the Psalms, started at the beginning again this week.

Also reading: lots of kids books!  I seem to be enjoying the mental lightness of children’s fiction, so I have read with joy the new instalment of the Ranger’s Apprentice (#12) and very much enjoyed a Christian kids fiction about the ark by Jenny L. Cote (will tell you more about them when I have read the rest).  I rediscovered a whole lot of my childhood books on my sister’s bookshelf and snaffled them up for my kids, I loved reading Chilly Billy to the girls, about the man who lives in the fridge.  

Also started:  When People are Big and God is Small, by Ed Welch, which I suspect is going to be very helpful and challenging!

Operation "eat the food": is under way in our home.  We are trying to eat as much of our supplies in the pantry and freezer up.  I am working my way through all my various teas, and we have been eating lots of meals that use up things.  I'm wondering just how well we can time it before holidays... 

Looking forward: to a yummy dinner out with my husband tonight.  A dear friend offered to babysit, so we accepted with glee.  We will go where we almost always go, a place which serves great steaks. 

On a more serious note, I have been challenged by: my recent television viewing.  I finally got around to watching the second season of Go back to where you came from.  I watched the first season two years ago and it really affected me.  Again, it makes those of us in comfort and safety in Australia realise what life is really like for refugees. This season took the participants to two places which produce many of the world's refugees:  Kabul, Afghanistan and Mogadishu, Somalia.  They see refugee camps, UN Aid stations and health centres.  This season they were known people, so there is a heart-wrenching moment when Peter Reith (our previous defence minister) meets one of the men who was on the Tampa in the 'children overboard' disaster, who was then sent back to Afghanistan.  Both series are still available to watch online in full, I highly recommend it.

While I find it horrible and overwhelming to see how many displaced people in the world live, and I also know that there are no easy solutions for refugees, immigration and overseas aid; what has struck me most is that none of these problems will ever be solved without Jesus.  It is only the transforming power of God's grace and the message of Jesus' salvation that will change the hearts of people, to then overflow to organisations, governments and policies.  Some times more than others, you want to cry out "Come Lord Jesus, Come".

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