Thursday, April 3, 2014

A (partially) offline life

From November I have been mostly offline.
  • On leave we were mostly off email, just having one the family could use to contact us if needed.
  • I did blog about our adventures for family along the way, which was so they could stay connected and I could sort the many photos as we went.
  • However, I did not check any blogs or Facebook. It was remarkably freeing.
As a result I have decided to remain disconnected from Facebook for the time being. I love it. My life is no longer filled with large amounts of useless info. Admittedly, I do miss a few things, but I have decided that if I need to know something, someone will tell me. Yes, there were some positives to Facebook (the AFES wives group for example), but for now I am content with being offline. So, please, tell me your important news personally if I have missed it!

I am also checking much fewer blogs at the moment. Is everyone else also in this category? Most of the blogs I usually follow seem much quieter this year. Perhaps we are seeing the decline of the blog...

1 comment:

Tamie said...

I reckon with FB it's all about knowing how to use it well - hiding people who put up useless stuff or only having people you actually want to hear from in your newsfeed.

I actually find FB something of a filter because rather than following a large number of blogs or news sites and opinion sites, I get the highlights on FB when people link to them.

Then again, I'm in a different kind of context where FB is a lifeline!