Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Long Service Leave

The reason for the break to start with was long service leave. After a wonderful 10 years in ministry (all in the same place!) we were delighted with the provision that long service leave is.

A very relaxed Christmas Day
We found ourselves saying again and again to our children “isn’t this an amazing gift?” “what a blessing it is to have this time together!” We too, found ourselves at times overwhelmed with the gift that long-service leave is.  While a legal provision in this country, we know that the majority of people never actually get it – people move jobs too soon, need to retrain, are small-business owners, farmers, etc. While at times I found myself feeling a little guilty for this amazing provision, we decided to be openly thankful and grateful for it.

We needed the rest, our family benefitted greatly from the time together and it was a great time to recharge, refresh and renew our minds for the coming years.

As for what we did, some brief stats:
  • 9 weeks off (63 days)
  • 5 nights in Singapore for just the grown-ups, which included a big ‘0’ birthday celebration for one of us.
  • 6 weeks away with the five of us: 3 weeks Gold Coast, 2 weeks Sunshine Coast, 2 nights Toowoomba and 5 nights Canberra.
  • 14 days of theme park visits (Wet ‘n’ Wild – so much fun!)
  • 6174 kms travelled
  • 366 emails waiting for me upon my return (husband had 450)
  • 3 hours in one day: previous record for long-drive with kids. Current record is now over 13 hours in a day. You can see why a number of friends laughed out loud when we told them we were doing a road trip.
  • 8 Roald Dahl books on CD listened to in the car (over 20 hours of lovely listening made for easy travel)
  • 5 states & territories visited (adding Vic at the very end for the final day’s drive home from Canberra to Adelaide made it a 4 state/territory day!)
  • 8 Jan, 2014 – the day we drove home from Canberra; made even more poignant when we realised it was 10 years to the day that we moved to Adelaide (of course, we flew then!)
Happy travellers nearing home

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Meredith said...

What a fantastic time you have had. And how lovely to arrive back on the same date ten years later. Welcome back - in every sense. Mx