Friday, September 19, 2014

Back online – and an update

After another extended break during the last 12 months, I think it’s time to resurrect this blog.

I have hesitated again and again about doing so, just like when I restarted again for a brief few months in March.  However I have decided that purposefully reading and writing is helpful for me and therefore I am back.  I am not sure there will be many who follow along, but while it continues to stretch my own mind it is probably a useful thing to do.

The last few months have held a variety of ups and downs.

One of the downs included the death of my maternal grandmother. It was a sad time and one in which I felt the distance of not living near my family. She is the last grandparent either of us had, but what a privilege it was that my husband and I still had 7 grandparents living when we got together and our children will likely remember 3 or 4 of their great-grandparents. Even greater was the privilege I had of leading the very small funeral service for her.

Highlights over the last few months have been (in no particular order):
  • The opportunity to give 4 talks and write matching bible studies on Matthew 22.
  • The chance to think about developing the marriage ministry at our church further.
  • Becoming a godmother again. This little god-daughter of mine is just new and it’s an honour to be involved in her life. It’s also a treat to have a godchild when you are no longer in the midst of young children yourself. I may actually have some time for her in a way I struggled to do with other godchildren.
  • Planting out our back garden including 2 apple trees, a lemon, lime and orange tree. I look forward to produce.  If they become anything like our mandarin tree which probably produced 100 kgs this year, we will have to set up a fruit stall out the front!
  • Watching my daughter start playing netball and love it.
  • A lovely holiday and another one coming up.
  • The training for and running of another half marathon – this was a great day, I had a ball. Sadly though I seem to have injured my feet on the day and have not been able to run since (a month ago).   I did not realise how much running has helped my body work well and my mind to refresh.  I would love to get back to it soon, hopefully having cortisone injections today will  help.

So, it’s nice to be back. Book reviews will be coming shortly, and other thoughts along the way.

Let me know if you are reading along, it’s nice to know who I share this with.


Rachael said...

I'm here, Wendy!

Rachelle said...

Hi Wendy, I'm still reading along! Thanks for your thoughtful book reviews.

Meredith said...

Yay! So nice to have you writing again. And I agree - blogging gives some rigour to reading. And it is great to share good books. Welcome back.

Katherine said...

I love your blog Wendy and really love having you stretch my mind as I think through books and other resources for both family and church family. Thanks for doing a lot of the hard work for the rest of us! Kathy

Naomi B said...

Hi Wendy - did you do the Adelaide half??? Good on you! Yes exercise is def. good for you! Naomi

Caroline said...

Hi Wendy, I dropped in this morning looking for another book review - I've just finished Wonder, which I read to a large extent on your recommendation, and enjoyed it greatly -thanks! Good to see you blogging again.

Tamie said...

Welcome back to the blogosphere Wendy!

Wendy said...

Thanks all - lovely to be back.

Yes, Naomi it was the Adelaide Half, however current foot problems suggest running will seem be some time away. :(

Chris said...

Glad you're back. I find your blog really helpful and encouraging. Thanks for your shoebox post - have printed off the shopping list ideas and hope to get started on time this year!

Anonymous said...

Caroline E here up in the hills reading along.... glad you're back!

Arthur and Minli said...

reading from Chicago and loving it!

Rebecca said...

Hi Wendy, glad you're back, I enjoy your writing and especially your book reviews :)

Anonymous said...

Bel here, I read your blog and find it super encouraging too. Only just realised you had started up again. Bel