Monday, October 27, 2014

AFES Wives Conference

Another Term 4 and so another AFES wives conference has come and gone.

Another year of good teaching, helpful seminars, encouraging prayer groups and lots & lots of talking.

As my long term readers know, this conference is a highlight of my year. To gather together with women around Australia and see how each is striving to be godly and faithful in their own circumstances, life stages and challenges is such an encouragement and blessing. Student ministry is an odd thing in some ways, but all these women ‘get it’.

This was my 5th conference and it is such a joy to catch up with old friends and connect in depth each year with the same prayer group. It’s also lovely to see new faces and meet new people.

I also seem to be better at balancing the large amount of people time and personal conversations. While I come away very tired (and struggle to keep conversations going for that final hour at the airport!), I am no longer completely overwhelmed. (Must be managing shyness better!) Although I will say, it can take me up to a week to tell my husband about it all in detail – for when I return I have no words left in me!

I thank God for these women, they really are a terrific encouragement.

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