Friday, November 28, 2014


The results of the baking day
Last Saturday a group of 6 Christian families at our local primary school hosted a family gingerbread house event.  The mums have been praying together on and off for years, and this year it seemed like the right time to try an event.

It all crystallised in my head when a friend at a similar stage made the comment that she cannot interest school mums in events run for adults, but if their kids want to do it the parents will do anything to get them there. So I realised – run something for kids and families together.
Lolly sorting!

God was very, very kind in enabling it to go ahead and people certainly came!

We had 100 people there - 37 adults & 64 kids making a total of 65 houses. There were 32 school families represented, including our six.  I think about 10% of the school’s students came.

It was fun, it went well, people were welcomed and talked to, we met new families and chatted with usual friends, and they all heard a great interactive presentation of the first Christmas.
House construction

We were all so thankful for this opportunity to get to know other school families better and to share of our hope at Christmas time.

Already we are talking about doing it again next year! 

(As much as I would love to include photos of the whole event and the people, I do not have permission from anyone, so have kept it to my family.)

The set packed for houses to sell/give
Decorating with lollies


Our family houses

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