Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Time away

Regular readers may recall that for the last few years I have gone away for a few days on my own.  I talked about it a little in 2012, and referred to it in passing in 2013. Both of those times were designed to be times of rest and recuperation, both coming in God’s good timing after appendicitis and then a mild fatigue.

These times were previously in Term 2. This year it ended up being a few weeks ago. I almost wondered if it was worth going. I had energy, I didn’t need to rest and felt there was a lot I could be doing at home & I have also been away a bit recently for other reasons.

However, sense prevailed (and my husband!) and I went. To the same wonderful place provided by generous parishioners.

And what a great few days they were. I had no idea how much work and planning I could get done with 3 days on my own with no interruptions, no school pick-up and drop-off, and the opportunity to work productively between the hours of 3pm and 8pm. Wow! I reviewed a marriage course, started planning a new one, became better trained in marriage inventory material and planned a talk series. I wrote blog posts. I read my bible. I prayed. I read books. I went for a few walks. And I did some embroidery and watched a few more episodes of As Time Goes By, the old BBC show.

I am thankful yet again for a husband who makes these things happen & our God who gives good gifts.

The hive of activity (& rest treats) at the work table.

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