Sunday, February 1, 2015

Status Report – February

School Holidays: Were lovely. A great mix of rest, time together and some fun things to do.

Loved a quick trip to Sydney last weekend: a 24-hour fun time to celebrate a dear friend’s 40th. Lovely night of catching up with her and other old friends.

Saw some movies: Paddington – lovely, bit scary for Miss 7 (it was her very first time at the movies), but very good for older kids and very funny for adults and was visually beautiful.  Mr 11 enjoyed Big Hero 6 with his grandfather. The Imitation Game, about Alan Turing’s role in breaking the code for the German Enigma machine in WWII, was a good adult movie with interesting themes done well. Penguins of Madagascar – very funny for adults and children alike, with the good message that it doesn’t matter what you look like, but rather how you act. This was the first time all 5 of us have gone to the movies together – fun times of a new stage!

Discovered: our family was at the perfect stage to learn a new card game, which we call Emperor & Scum, but apparently people from Adelaide call Scumbags & Warlords. We played for hours. A great mix of fast hands, nobody stays top or bottom for too long and the strategy was definitely mastered by all including the 7 year old.

Continued: the now 3 year tradition of an Australia Day BBQ with a group of 5 families, which we loosely call ‘Mother’s Group’, but really are just friends spread out over Adelaide who rarely see each other otherwise. The women also go out for dinner about 2x per year. On those nights, we struggle to get restaurants in Adelaide to stay open late enough to allow for all the conversation catch-up.

Catalogued: our entire library onto the computer by scanning all the barcodes - so much fun for the family members who love order!  1235 books now catalogued, complete with the option to loan them to friends and send 'reminder to return' emails!  

Got it done: The long-service leave photobook. Now just waiting for a discounted deal before I get it printed!

In the thick of: Writing talks on Hebrews for March/April. Feeling a little under the pump.

Back to school: Gone well - more lovely teachers. I am so thankful for teachers!

Lunch: today - a very large BBQ. The AFES staff of SA/NT are over for a kick-off BBQ. Good thing I wrote this earlier to post!!

Birthday: coming up. Last one in this decade… must consider festivity options for next year!

Changing the ‘names’ of our family on this blog: From now on the kids will be ‘Mr’ and ‘Miss’ with their age-attached (eg. Mr 11) – easier to track who I am talking about, which gender liked the book and what age they were!  My husband will be referred to as Husband, lending him a debonair sort of air.


Camilla said...

Sounds like s good balance. We like scum too. Also know as Ks& As (Kings and....)
Just discussing whether 26yo can see The Imitation Game w friends...? Think yes but we will see too so we can discuss...
Intrigued w the cataloging-how do you scan? Is there an app or something. Would like to do this...

Wendy said...

Hi Camilla!

The book catalogue is an program called Delicious Library, it works only with a Mac. I'm sure there would be other options around. It works because it is linked to Amazon, so even if the scanning doesn't work, you can search for it on Amazon. We reckon 80-90% of our books just scanned fine, 10% were searched for on Amazon and found when scan failed; and the rest were manually entered when neither worked.

I'll send you an email to follow up the movie comment.