Sunday, March 1, 2015

Status Report - March

In talk prep mode: my head is buried in Hebrews 11-13. Sometimes it comes up for air and a clear thought!

Pondering: some autumn gardening, to cover up the backyard rocks with dark green plants

Increasingly noticing: how the publication date of a book can be guessed at by the technology used in it. If they are still using pay phones, it is usually the 90s (same as ‘car phones’). Mobiles put us well into the 2000s whereas social networking probably means it has to have been published after 2007/8. Usually at some point into an older fiction novel now I end up switching to check the publication date when there is a reference to a technology that is no longer mainstream.

Watching: Season 1 of The West Wing again – so good. And same technology issues noted – very old landline phones and computers.

Drinking: Two new Twinings herbal teas. Orange & Cinnamon for a lovely late morning pick-me-up and Chamomile & Spiced Apple for the early evening.

Booked: a very exciting upcoming holiday half way around the world – I’ll share details later…

Hoping for some rain: to wash all the dust away from the 4 new houses being built in our street!

Excited: by the imminent arrival of a dear family member who is moving to Adelaide.  First time we have lived in the same city for 14 years!

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