Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Status Report - April

Restarted: The Prayer Project – a blog of prayers for personal use. There is a new prayer going up each week based on a bible passage, another source, or of my own writing.

Birthday month coming up: Mr 11 soon to be 12, and Miss 9 soon to be 10.

Celebrated: 16 years of marriage. Good times.

Talks: 3 down, one to go. Hebrews 11-13 is full of gold. Like the whole bible really.

Reading: a lot of young adult books. Reviews to come.

Term 1: almost finished. The year flies by as usual.

Next project: Writing a new marriage course. Looking forward to thinking, reading and writing.

Big holiday: coming up in 2 weeks! 11 days away, meeting a friend overseas. Lots of talking, reading and lying by the beach & pool scheduled in, as well as visits to dear old friends in same location. Very thankful for the opportunity.

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