Monday, June 29, 2015


A dear old saint has gone to glory. Marjorie, our neighbour and friend was 91 years old and was like another great-grandparent for our kids. She regularly came to Christmas lunch, our girls’ birthday dinners & some of their parties, and we had a family dinner for her 90th.

I drove her for a number of years to a bible study group and heard parts of her life story over that time. Of course now I am wishing I wrote them down. She emigrated from England in 1949 and worked at Innamincka, in outback SA as a nurse with the Australian Inland Mission (later Frontier Services) as well as BCA. She had great stories to tell of life in outback South Australia over those years, and the change it was from life in England. My grandfather managed parts of AIM at that time, and we quickly discovered he actually hired her for her nursing job!

Christmas, 2009
She married a drover, Jack, and in time they moved to Adelaide and bought a house. Jack died over 20 years ago, but she lived in that same house since 1958. In that time she saw the area turn from market gardens with local canneries, to urban and then more light industrial. Hers was one of the last residential houses standing on that busy road. She had many fruit trees and one year gave us over 50kgs of plums from her tree to make jams and sauces.

She was a faithful Christian woman who served God in her own quiet way.  She never drove (they could never afford a car) so until her very last days she caught the bus everywhere.  She would always talk to people on the bus, help out when needed and in so doing, made some lifelong friends.  She used Operation World to pray for any countries she heard about on the news.

She did not want a funeral or public service and her wishes have been respected.  However, I wanted to mark her passing in some small way.  She was involved with our family for the last 6 years and the kids have grown up knowing her.  When each of my daughters started school she would tell me how she still remembered hating starting school and being away from her mother, she would run home whenever she could!  She saved the m the children’s excepts from magazines she received so they could do the puzzles and colouring in.  

We are very thankful for the time we had to get to know her.  She is and will be missed.

Her 90th birthday dinner, last year

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Melissa said...

Thank you for writing about Marjorie, I had the pleasure of being in a bible study group with her, and was sad to hear the news. She was such a faithful servant, she will be missed, but so thankful she has gone to glory! Lis x