Monday, June 1, 2015

Status report - June

A decision is made! We have decided where our son will go to high school next year. We are thankful we live in a city where he could have been educated well in many schools, and we had a choice about where he could go. He is happy as are we, so we look forward to this upcoming stage.

I went to a great parenting seminar recently where one of the big ideas for the pre and teen years is to “remove the scaffolding” around your children piece by piece as they gain independence. To keep support, but let them branch out a little more.

Therefore, the scaffolding is being removed step by step in preparation for the independence required in high school, the rest of the year has 3 major goals for Mr 12: learn and demonstrate responsible use of a mobile phone, learn to reliably catch public transport, and ensure his touch-typing skills are up to speed!

Very much enjoying reading at the moment: Have read some great fiction, both adult and youth fiction. Good writing about interesting topics is such a treat. Many reviews to come.

Definitely enjoyed The Rosie Effect, sequel to The Rosie Project.   I won't write a whole review of it, but I suspect that anyone who liked the Rosie Project will also like this one.   Similar ideas again, very well written and very funny along the way.

Also reading intensively about marriage for we are writing a new marriage course for those married 0-7 years. I am loving the opportunity to develop something entirely new – apparently a blank sheet appeals to me!

Running again. Finally getting going again after 8 months, that pesky half-marathon really did some damage! Aim for this year – work up to 10kms again. One step at a time.

Enjoying my morning coffee: my anniversary present this year was a new coffee machine.  I find the morning routine of a cup of coffee at about 10am very therapeutic. 

Feeling like the pace of life is manageable, and for that I am very thankful.

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