Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Status Report

Looking forward to the end of term. It’s been a good term, but we are all ready for a break. We will have a week’s family holiday too, which we are all looking forward to.

The annual room rotation is about to occur. The first Saturday of the winter school holidays is room rotation day - the kids move rooms in a clockwise direction. Great for re-organising, a good clean out and sharing the larger and smaller rooms evenly over the years.

Enjoying regular bushwalks with my sister. We are seeing the sights of Adelaide, the koalas, the kangaroos, the occasional odd outpost bush dwelling. Fun, chatting and fitness – what a combo!

Mr 12 has lost his final tooth. A quick look at the recorded teeth chart indicated all 20 baby teeth have now been lost. As the ‘tooth fairy’ handed him the requisite $2 straight from the change tin, he requested ‘a bonus’ for the final tooth. Magnanimous fairy that she was, agreed it was a key milestone and perhaps another $5 was acceptable to mark the occasion. For those that are interested: all 20 teeth are available for viewing from the kinder surprise egg they are kept in.

Updated the kids’ photo albums. Left it a bit long and had to catch up on 4 years! Was lovely to look back on the photos again though. Next major project is the home videos…

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