Saturday, August 1, 2015

August Status Report

Enjoyed the school holidays: had a week in Melbourne. Visited Science Works (very good), the Melbourne Museum (excellent) and the MCG (tour and the Sports Museum underneath – great for the sports fans: Mr 12 and Miss 10). A lovely family week just hanging out together.

Some new pets: Those who know us know we are not and never will be a pet family. A small exception has recently been made and we now have 3 juvenile stick insects. It’s only two weeks in and the interest has already waned markedly. We’ll see how it goes…

Reading: Romans, with the Good Book Company app. Enjoying the opportunity to delve a little deeper.

Also reading: Knowing God, an absolute treasure. Just the thing needed to refocus me back to God.

Also reading: Lots of books at the moment, including some great historical fiction about different women, reviews to come.

Cold: I don’t think I am the only one thinking this winter is especially cold. The heater has been running a lot, and there is increased desire for a second morning cup of coffee to help warm up!

Discovered: excellent fun website called JetPunk which is full of quizzes we have been using to learn facts with - now the kids and I can name and locate all the countries in Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Europe.   Some have also managed all South and Central America.  I have learnt the names and locations of all 50 US states.  We are all having fun, and have learnt lots.  Of course there are completely trivial quizzes too, like things to do with Pokemon or Harry Potter characters, so you can use your time in more and less productive ways!

This has led to a renewed interest in the world generally: which we have capitalised on, so we have put the world map up again in the kitchen, and are working our way through Operation World, praying for different countries. 

Marriage Course: almost completed. I have loved writing a new course from scratch and thinking about things in detail. It is called Building a Strong Foundation and is for those married 0-7 years, we will give it in September and it’s almost full already – exciting!

Saw: Ant-Man, another light-hearted Marvel adventure, more like Iron Man than Thor.  We quite enjoyed it.  Interesting to think about what being ant-sized would be like, and yes, there would be some distinct advantages, especially with super-powers attached!

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