Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Status Report

Greatly enjoyed the annual church preachers wives away.   We go away for three days every year, but due to a variety of reasons, it has been 3 years since I went.  It was lovely.  We had fun (bowling, fondue, whale watching, walking & chatting), we looked at the bible and chatted through some issues together, and prayed in small groups.  It was very encouraging.

A few are missing from this shot, and our visiting teacher for the weekend is included

Miss 7 turned into Miss 8.  She had fun at a party and also spending time with friends and grandparents.

Soccer and winter netball have finished for another year, and Saturdays open up again with exciting promise!

Our kids were home sick for most of the last week.  I ended up reflecting on how thankful I am that I have a mostly flexible schedule that can be moved around when needed, and that we all have remarkably good health generally.   

The weather has finally cleared up.  This is surely the drabbest, greyest winter we have had for some time.  Even with the inevitable onset of hayfever the transition to spring brings, the change is indeed good!

Off to the Show this week.    Bring on baby animals, pig racing, woodchopping, precision driving, showbags and exhaustion.

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